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SIRIM Market Access Consultancy Programme


SIRIM STS Sdn Bhd is the leading one-stop resource centre for services relating to the development of Malaysian Standards (MS) and SIRIM Industry Standards, serves as national enquiry point on technical barriers to trade, supporting knowledge expenditure in technical areas through Technical Library, and upgrades the human capital of local industries through trainings. SIRIM STS is aspired to assist organisations towards implementing excellent business culture by associating quality, technology and best practices in their daily work demands.


Market Access Consultancy Programme is aimed to help entrepreneurs in ensuring products comply with standards to gain market access. Under this programme, SIRIM STS will provide the necessary knowledge and support to manufacturers to ensure that products are able to meet the requirements. The service provided include advisory and consultancy on trade regulatory and technical information, product standards requirements and conformity assessment.


Target Group:

Manufacturing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)


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