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MATRADE is a statutory agency under the Ministry of International Trade Industry (MITI). MATRADE is responsible for assisting Malaysian companies succeed in the international market. MATRADE is also actively involved in assisting foreign companies to source for suppliers of Malaysian products and services, and is represented worldwide at more than 40 locations in major commercial cities. In Malaysia, MATRADE has five local branches in Penang, Terengganu, Johor, Sabah, and Sarawak.


eTrade is a programme implemented by MATRADE to promote the adoption of e-commerce among Malaysian companies to accelerate exports through participation in leading international e-marketplaces.

eTrade offers

  • Financial assistant to the qualified SMEs in e-voucher or reimbursement
  • Advisory services on e-marketplaces under the eTrade Programme
  • Training / online assistance to participating SMEs for on-boarding.


Target Group:

SMEs who wish to reach out to new buyers.


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