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KOJADI SME Loan Scheme

Koperasi Jayadiri Malaysia Berhad (KOJADI)

Koperasi Jayadiri Malaysia Berhad (KOJADI) is established primarily to provide financial assistance in the form of study loans to its members and their families to pursue further education both locally and abroad. Since 2012, KOJADI have diversified its loans to business loans such as Micro Credit Loans and TUKAR / ATOM (Under the Economic Transformation Programme and Small and Medium Enterprises loan scheme.)


KOJADI SME Loan Scheme offers term loan to Malaysian citizens who are operating SME businesses.

The purpose of financing includes:

  • Working Capital
  • Capital Expenditure
  • Project Financing
  • Other purposes deemed fit by the Board


Target Group:

SME businesses


Cost: 4% flat interest rate per annum


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