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KKLW Income Increment Programme

Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah (KKLW)

The Ministry of Rural and Regional Development Malaysia (KKLW) is a ministry responsible for rural development under the Malaysian government. Rural development is a Government’s political agenda to tackle rural poverty with the slogan “membandarkan kawasan luar bandar” (urbanising rural areas). Its objective is to increase the income of villagers to 80% of the urban people and to create a knowledgeable and skilled society.


The program provides financial and management support to enable the target group to participate or carry out economic projects in various sectors. The objective is to increase the family income and improve the standards of living and in turn release them from shackles of poverty. Assistance is provided in various forms including Asset / premises / workshop / retail space / machines / equipment assistance / raw materials / basic skills training / courses, guidance.


Target Group:

Poor Heads of Households, Single Mothers, Housewives and Members of Households, who are:

  • Not infirm
  • Graduated from school
  • Interested and strongly determined to carry out the project


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