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ILTIZAM Professional Development Programme

ILTIZAM by Ekuinas

ILTIZAM is a programme by Ekuinas to support Entrepreneurship, Education and Community programmes in order to achieve Ekuinas’ social objectives. The objective is to empower genuine Bumiputera entrepreneurs and directly impact the Bumiputera community to realise their potential.


The ILTIZAM Professional Development Programme is a one-year programme that provides Malaysian graduates with on-the-job training and the opportunity to develop and learn professional skills from Ekuinas’s portfolio companies – ranging from finance, business, media and marketing, to specialised areas such as engineering, information technology and hospitality, so they can become highly marketable and employable.

Classroom activities will involve Formal Training in:

  • English
  • Communications & Presentations
  • Functional/Technical (at Portfolio Companies)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Leadership Development
  • Image and Branding
  • Financial and Business Acumen


Target Group:
Malaysian graduates


Duration: 1 year


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