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Amanjaya Student Self Help Assistance and Emergency Scheme

Yayasan Perak

The Perak Foundation is a Perak Statutory Body established on 12 July 1979 under the Yayasan Perak Enactment No. 2 of 1979. This original enactment was amended and replaced by the Enactment No. 6 of 1994 which has been approved. The mission of the Yayasan Perak is to implement education programs and facilities at the school and IPTA level as well as to provide assistance in various fields to advance the people of Perak.


Amanjaya Student Self Help Assistance and Emergency Scheme (Skim Bantuan Sara Diri Mahasiswa dan Kecemasan Amanjaya) is one of the additional initiatives from Yayasan Perak to eradicate poverty in the State of Perak. The scheme aims to ease the burden of students coming from underprivileged families to enable students to focus on the lesson without being distracted by the hardships faced by the family.


Target Group:

University students from Perak


Available list of universities


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